First Wedding Night Gift Ideas in India 2021

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After managing all wedding shopping, venue, programs and almost everything, you have finally landed here.

It is really giving me an idea of how eager you are to make your first wedding night with your husband or wife the most memorable time of your life.

Indian weddings are really hectic. So to make your first wedding night calm and romantic as well, I have come up with these First Wedding Night Ideas in India. These gift ideas are going to add more sparks to your first night.

You can gift almost anything to your husband on the first night out of these 101 Gift Ideas, but for your wife, you may need to look two sections down for the best wedding first-night gifts for wife in 2021.

Wedding gift should not be just a gift, it should be something that will make the most beautiful memories out of it.

Best Gift Ideas on First Wedding Night

Gift to make them Feel Special

There is something special that you seen in him and that’s why you guys are together.

So on your first wedding, I would say don’t miss the chance to let him know what you have actually liked about him and what you really thought about him while choosing him as your life partner.

And to do so, you can prepare a Scrapbook and paste all the beautiful memories you have made till now. And you can also put some romantic quotes over the scrapbook, a questionnaire which will try to know more about yourselves or your love to each other.

And if you really don’t have enough time for such a DIY gift idea, then I would suggest you get something online from Amazon just like the one below.

A Fill-in-the-Blank Gift for First Wedding Night

This scrapbook has some very meaningful questions which you can answer in your way to let your husband know What You Love About Him and Your Memories.

Get a Romantic Gift on Wedding Night

Another idea to gift your hubby on your first wedding night is to keep it romantic. You can manage to get some fresh flowers, a chocolate cake or chocolates, some heart-shaped red & silver balloons and also a greeting card with some lovely quotes written on it.

If you could write some beautiful quote in your own handwriting, I think it would look so genuine and will touch your soulmate’s heart.

If you both like to have a drink together, I would suggest two glasses of your favourite wine and have a relaxing conversation with your spouse about all the happy moments of your wedding.

And once the romantic vibes are set all around, you can gift something small and cute something like the ones below.

Cute Couple Moments

Cute Couple Proposing Moment Statue

You can also get steal some romantic gift ideas from Valentine’s Day Gifts article on my blog.

Get Naughty as it’s your First Night

Well, yes it’s your first night and you have to make it as crazy as you can.

So why not to set some romantic vibes with the gift ideas mentioned above and get a naughtiest gift for your husband or wife on your first night which will just burst out stress of your hectic wedding day.

I would suggest getting Naughty Question-Answer Card Games on your first wedding night or while being on honeymoon. It is the best way to know the intimate desires of your partner and also to give a head start. 😉

So as far as I searched online, I guess the best first wedding night gift is this Romantic Love Game for Couples.

Exciting Lives Intimacy

Gift the God’s Idol Statue

Marriages are made in heaven. And in India, we have rituals that bounds us together for seven births.

So if you are a devotional or religious kind of person, I can suggest you get a statue of God in whom you both believe in.

Some obvious choices you may prefer are here.

Lord Ganesha Idol Statue

Radha-Krishna Idol Statue

Best First Wedding Night Gifts for Husband

So as you might already have made your mind on what kind of wedding night gift your want, let me add some special first night gifts for husbands which will their moment special.

An Expensive Perfume

While every man has a bunch of deodorants in their closet, they still secretly love to have the best perfume that they can wear on special occasions.

And I have specially mentioned ‘Expensive’ because I have read many reviews about some budget perfumes out there and almost all of them doesn’t come with long-lasting fragrance and smells weird after hours of use.

Another reason is, it’s a first night gift for your husband so it has to be ‘Expensive’, right? 😉

Below are some recommendations from my side. I am sure your husband would love any of them.

versache perfume to gift husband on first night

Versace Eau Fraiche Eau De Toilette for Men, 100Ml

Get it here on Amazon

guess perfume to gift men on wedding night

Guess for Men – 2.5 Ounce EDT Spray

Get it here on Amazon

nautica perfume as first night wedding gift

Nautica Eau de Toilette, Life Energy, 100ml

Get it here on Amazon

versache perfume to gift husband on first night

Skinn Country Road Perfume for Men, 100ml

Get it here on Amazon

A Smart Watch

Gone are those days when we men use to wear analogue or digital watches. We still do, but every man has an analogue watch which he wears everyday.

So unless an analogue-digital watch to gift your husband is not a G-Shock, you should probably think of gifting him a smartwatch on your wedding night.

Okay so there many options for the smartwatches to gift men, I will help you a bit to choose on what budget you could end up your search.

  • If your husband is a gadget lover, he loves to stay updated with digital technologies like apps or he is so much into keep it trendy about his tech stuff, you should gift him an Apple Watch.
  • If your husband is not much into gadgets and tech stuff, but he is a fitness lover, you can still gift him Garmin Fitness Watches which can be helpful for him to be his fitness tracker.
  • And if doesn’t fit in the above two types, go for budget smartwatch brands like Amazfit, Noise, or Realme. He is surely going to love these smartwatches as a wedding gift.